Ministry Leaders

Administrative Officers and Council Members for 2019

Pastor: Rev. Kristy

Council Chairperson - Dinah Daniels
Admin Secretary - Joyce Bess
Lay Leader - Amy Wingler
Treasurer - Patsy Williams
Financial/Membership Secretary - Mevalyn Harper
Church Historians - Ben & Jane Hager
Nominations Chair - Judy H. Eurey
PPRC - Chair Nancy Keith
Trustees Chair - Mark Yount
Parsonage Committee Chair - Lisa Dowell
Finance Committee Chair - John Douglas
Nurture Committee Chair - Patsy Williams
Witness & Outreach Committee Chair - Bobbi Williams
Worship Committee Chair  - Kathy Nunez
Sunday School Superintendent - Todd Williams
Cemetery Committee Chair - Dale Bess
Children’s Ministry Rep - Amy Wingler & Shaina Pearce
Youth Leader - Kathy Richards
Senior Ministry Coordinators - Mevalyn Harper & Linda Fox
UMMen President Reggie Weisner
UMWomen President Kathy Nunez
Boy Scout Leader Elected by Scouts
Girl Scout Leader* (not on council) Elected by Scouts
Lay Member to Annual Conf -Reggie Weisner
1st Reserve to Annual Conf - Lisa Dowell
Supplies Steward - Janice McDaniel
At Large Members : Frank Templeton, Mark Yount,
Wayne Robertson, Steve Haynes , Linda Fox


Ministry Committees

Nurture Committee, Chairperson, Patsy Williams
Deneen Wells , Deanna Williams (Replaces Billie Bussel)
Patsy Williams, Nicki Robertson
2021 Beth Talley, Carol Yount

Parsonage Committee, Chairperson— Joyce Bess
Vanessa Weisner, Ed Eurey
Lisa Dowell, Marvin Pearce
2021 Gary Wingler, Sharon Ervin

Finance Committee, Chairperson, John Douglas
Pastor: Judy H. Eurey Treasurer:
Financial Secretary, Lay Leader, Chair of Trustees, Lay Member of Annual Conference, Chair of Council, Chair of PPRC’
2019 At Large Alice Goodwin

Trustees, Chairperson—Mark Yount
Ted Williams, Amy Wingler
Deneen Wells, Mark Yount
Beth Talley, Matt Davis

S/PPRC Committee, Chairperson—Nancy Keith (class 18)
2019 Nancy Keith, Shaina Pearce
2020 Krystle Smith & Kevin Robertson
2021 Kent Daniels, Kathy Richards

Witness—Outreach Committee, Bobbi Williams, Chairperson
2019 Mary Lou Goodman, Bobbi Williams
2020 Reggie Weisner, Ellen Sprinkle
2021 Kasey McCoy, Rick Williams

Nomination & Leadership Development Committee, Chairperson, Judy Eurey
2019 Ellen Sprinkle , Linda Fox
Jane Hager, Alan Williams
2021 Tommy Harper, Carroll Goodman

Worship Committee, Chairperson, Kathy Nunez
2019 Rena Turner , Kathy Nunez
2020 Jill Douglas, Steve Haynes
2021 Terri Douglas, MaryLou Goodman
Tech Rep: Donald Turner, James Richard, Music Director: Brittany Holland

Special Coordinators for Children’s Ministries for 2019 Amy Wingler & Shaina Pearce
Christmas Play: & Santa Party :Shaina Pearce & Sydney Austin
VBS: Stacy Davis, Chair, Lucy Privette, Brittany Robertson
Nursery Coordinator: Kathy Richards (Does Sunday Children’s Ministry roster)
Acolyte Coordinator: Natalie Williams
Easter Coordinator: Shaina Pearce, Sydney Austin & Nicki Robertson
Children’s Sabbath: Joyce Bess
Youth Leader: Kathy Richards

Scholarship Committee
John Douglas, Alice Goodwin, Dinah Daniels, Patsy Williams

Tech Committee
Donald Turner, Ben Hager, Eliz Hager, James Richards

Homecoming Coordinators: (2019)
Kathy Nunez, Chair, Alice Goodwin, Ben Hager, Janice McDaniel

Communion Steward: Ellen Sprinkle
Supplies Steward: Janice McDaniel
Auditor: (appointed by finance committee)
Library Coordinator: Dinah Daniels

Cemetery Committee: Dale Bess, Chair, Alan Williams, Frank Templeton, Ben Hager
Jerve Harmon Cancer Fund Oversight Committee
Butch Douglas, Chair. Along with Finance Chairperson, Treasurer, and Pastor